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The Nail :: The Nail

Synopsis :

In a small and quiet seaside town, teenager Jen Watoki wakes up from a terrible nightmare. She finds herself in hospital, her memory lost after being found drifting in an abandoned fishing boat. Her father, a prominent professor is missing.

A mutilated and headless torso washes up on the beach. An ancient bronze nail is found embedded deep in the flesh. Authorities fear a killer is on the loose and Jen becomes a murder suspect. Ray Kee, a veteran city police officer is asked to assist the local police. Detective Kee has to analyse the girl’s vivid nightmares which reveal her journey with her father to a desolate island where deep in the forest, they discover the mummified remains of a legendary woman pirate nailed to a Banyan tree. After removing the nail, they unwittingly revive a vengeful cursed creature that kills her father and follows her back to the sleepy town. Gruesome murders and terrifying sightings continue as the creature stalks Jen and haunts her nightmares. In order to stop the killings, the detective must take Jen back to the island of her nightmares to confront the creature and return the nail to its rightful resting place.



Mike Wiluan was born in Singapore in 1976. He was educated in England during which he attended film and television school in KENT UNIVERSITY. After directing short student films and a stint as a producer in the music promo industry, Mike began a career in property development while continuing his association with production. In 2004, Mike became a partner in Infinite Frameworks, an award winning visual effects company and began producing visual effects driven television commercials and content. In addition, Mike became a producing partner with Zhao Wei Films and Raintree Pictures producing a number of features including ‘Be with Me’, ‘My Magic’, ‘881’, ’12 Lotus’ and Indonesia’s first animated film ‘Sing to the Dawn’. Mike’s company, Infinite Frameworks is currently embarking on a joint venture to co-produce a series of CGI driven documentaries with Darlow Smithson Productions UK. Among the projects, Mike is an Executive Producer of ‘Mermaids’ a feature length documentary for Animal Planet USA. Most recently, Mike executive-produced ‘Macabre’ with Zhao Wei Films under the genre label Gorylah Pictures. ‘The Nail’ will be his first feature film project as a director.

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