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DARAH by Gorylah Pictures

Check out the official trailer for the very first film from Gorylah Pictures, Eric Khoo’s new movie company which is distinctly very different from Zhao Wei Films.

DARAH means “blood” in Bahasa, but the film’s international title is MACABRE. Directed by the Mo Brothers, the feature film shows nationwide early October, and it’s a must-watch!

I was personally invited by Eric, the film’s executive producer, to watch the preview at Goodwood Park Hotel last week. After parking the car and going in, we found the former Thumper bar all spooked up, to create that perfect eerie feeling for an intimate screening!

The film was shocking, brutal, gory, violent and very very very good. It’s probably going to be tagged with a M18 label, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the scenes get snipped for the masses… but if you’re a big fan of gory and horror, this is a definite must-watch!

I’m a spoiler-sensitive person so I won’t ruin it for you but this much I’d say… Indonesian actress Shareefa Daanish (that’s her on the poster) won the best actress award at the recent Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival 2009 in Korea for good reason.

She plays the Mother (of all evil) and the woman’s got a very low and sexy voice, however she just screams wicked evil! All sorts of toys of death and destruction come out to play – buzz chainsaws, parangs, shot guns, the works.

They casted some very beautiful people for this gory celluloid bloodbath, which I felt was a great  juxtaposition. It quite reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock in those early days of modern film making, and Eric’s doing just that – a brave rehash of the movie genre in modern times! Kudos to him and the Gorylah team ;)

Check it out when DARAH hits cinemas in Singapore this 8 October, released by Golden Village & Mediacorp Raintree Pictures!